No more seniors at stanmore motocross track

Gold coast city council has made the decision to prevent seniors from riding at Stanmore motocross track indefinitely. The decision handed down by Senior Recreation Officer Bruce Flick means the end of the road for a club which has operated for over 3 years catering for senior and junior motocross.

The decision also stipulates that the club could be reopened for Junior riders supporting up to 25cc bikes. One might ask why not seniors up to 25cc as a compromise if noise is the only issue. However further constraints on any future operation of the club facilities are biased towards gold coast residents over both committee and general club members who live in other outer Brisbane and Sunshine Coast districts.

The Gold Coast council is also supportive of the Gold Coast motorcycle club at Reedy Creek facility looking into town planning approval for the future use catering of the location for all bike classes.


Bruce Flick

No more seniors at stanmore motocross track

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