Tips to get a holeshot in motocross and supercross

For dirt starts you need to be as far froward as possible to weight the front end but for concrete starts you’ll need to around the center of the bike to help the rear end to get some traction on the slippery concrete. Choose the highest gear you can and use the clutch to keep […]

Motocross racing starts

Make sure you keep your weight as far forward as possible and evenly balanced on the bike. If you have trouble touching the ground with both feet you can use starting blocks which are required to be certain dimensions set by various racing governing bodies. If you are not balanced correctly the bike will jut to the left or right and you may lose control.

Timing supercross jumps

One of the most difficult and envied supercross riding talent is the ability to time triples, doubles and rhythm sections to land precisely on the down face of a jump lap after lap. So whats the secret? How do the pros do it so well? Correctly timing jumping distance depends on the type of dirt […]

10 tips to improve dirt bike motocross riding technique

If you don’t do this, you will need to make a more concentrated effort when you apply the clutch or brake. This will result in you not using the controls any where near as much as you should be. You need to take the time to force your self into the habit of using one finger on the brake and two on the clutch. When you do this you will have increased stability and control over the bike.

Riding though motocross and supercross whoop sections

A series of small jumps found on motocross and supercross dirtbike tracks are known as whoops. These sections can be quite demanding on both novice and professional riders and its definately worth noting some of the things that will help you get through them lap after lap.

Prevent front end wash out

How you approach the corner will effect the ability for the bike to bite in rather than wash out.

Clutch and brake control

When taking off be sure and let the clutch out in a slow constant motion, no abrupt movements. With the clutch in put the bike in gear and give it a little bit of throttle. Use only one or two fingers on the clutch, you should keep as much grip on the bar as possible […]

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