Hold your line

If you are an experienced rider you will need to keep in mind that the inexperience and lack of ability of some novice and intermediate riders on the track could cause them change lines unexpectedly when they hit something on the track or maybe get cross rutted.

Steer with your butt

This will help the bike get traction and drive forward. Pushing out will make the rear tire slide.

Look ahead motocross dirtbike riding tip

What you need to do is choose your lines before you get to them and then focus on the next corner or obstacle. This is very important when corning the more you look beyond the corner, the less you focus on the ruts and bumps and the smoother and quicker you will become.

Prevent arm pump

The main cause of arm pump is holding on to tight and relying on your arms too much to handle the bike. You should take some of the strain of your arms by gripping the bike with your knees, get forward and let the bike push you, not pull you by the arms. Lighly exercise […]

Toes up in the ruts

“When there are deep ruts that you have to ride through, it is important to ride on the balls of your feet, or to consciously point your toes up, so that you don’t catch them on the sides of the rut. It also helps to point your toes inward, towards the bike.” – Kevin Windham

Keep your shoulders parallel with the bars

“When you corner, always keep your shoulders in line with-or parallel with-your handlebars. If you always stay in line with your bars, you will never have a problem in corners, rutted ones, especially.” – Broc Glover

Dont fear the ruts

“If a straightaway is rutted up, lots of riders will go around them, thinking it is faster. Wrong! Attack the rut! Get your front end light by gassing it hard and leaning back. Look past the rut and don’t get caught staring at it-this will cause you to choke and get cross rutted.” – Scott […]

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