2017 Dirt Bike Review Guide

Which 217 Dirt Bike should I buy?

Once again I’m looking for a new dirt bike after more than 5 years without a ride and my gear collecting dust in the shed.

My previous ride was a 28 Honda CRF45R but now I’ve pretty much settled on a 217 KX25F based on my budget and riding style. If you are also looking for a 25 or 45 dirt bike then you might as well start with the list of links I’ve compiled for 217 dirt bike shootouts, first rides and reviews.

What’s New

In the 25 class, Kawasaki has a whole new package for 217, Husqvarna and KTM have replaced the under performing forks with arguably the finest production air forks available. Yamaha has continued to make refinements to the YZ of which some have not been well received. As for Honda and Suzuki there are no significant changes from the 216 models.

Shoot Outs

217 Cycle News 25F Motocross Shootout
217 Vital MX 25F Shootout

Individual Tests, Rides and Reviews

217 Kawasaki KX25F

217 Kawasaki KX25F [kawasaki.com]
217 Kawasaki KX25F Review | First Impression [dirtrider.com]


Moto Online: 217 KTM 25 SX-F [motoonline.com.au]

YZ 25F

Dirt Rider: 217 Yamaha YZ25F Review | First Ride [dirtrider.com]

Yamaha YZ45F

Dirt Rider [dirtrider.com]
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2017 Dirt Bike Reviews
Collection of links to 2017 dirt bike shootouts, reviews, rides and tests
2017 Dirt Bike Review Guide

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